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Dear Rose and Lin,
I don’t know what we would have done without you and your hardworking team (your husbands included!).  My father’s house was so full of things, and such a mess, but you went through there so thoroughly, and prepared everything so nicely, with the wonderful online video as the finishing touch – my brother and I are in awe of you!
So much was sold, we were really quite gratified; obviously you have great mailing lists that you use, and you were really on top of timely communication with us, too. The best part was not having to be there for two days ourselves, we were able to fully trust you and were relieved to just step aside and tend to our own full-time jobs.
For prospective clients of yours, I want to echo the advice some of your other customers give – do NOT start to throw out your stuff until the Dusty Old Bags have visited your house, because one man’s junk is, indeed, another’s treasure, and you may throw out something quite saleable.  I can see that if my brother and I had continued to throw out, give away, and sell stuff ourselves, there would not have even been enough to be worth having a professional company come in and run a sale, so call Rose and Lin in for a look at the start.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you for the sensitive, practical, and professional manner in which you conducted all aspects of the estate sale.  Having you handle the difficult task of emptying a house full of memories allowed me to concentrate on other tasks relating to the sale of my mother's house without having to worry about what to do with all the "stuff."  You were always available to answer any questions or address any concerns.


Hi Rose and Linn,
     Just wanted to let everyone know what a great job Rose and Lin did out our mother's estate sale. The sale took place on back to back weekends in September in Morristown and Livingston.
The weeks before they did a lot of prepping and organizing and the houses looked great and ready for the sale.  The day of the events I met them there at 7am for final set up I couldn't believe the amount of people lining up early to get first dibs.  When we opened the door they rushed in and knew exactly where to go because of the video they placed on the web site. 
I would advise people not to clean the house like we did before the sale because the things we threw out could of been sold.  As the saying goes another mans junk could be a treasure for someone else. The Livingston sale went exceptionally well from set up to clean up.  We closed on the house the following week and they recommended a cleaning crew that did a awesome job and left the house broom swept, and left us with nothing to do. 
I would definitely recommend Dusty Old bags  to anyone , who is looking to close out an estate, or down sizing. It would be crazy to do it on your own .
We would also like to thank the husbands and Dawn for doing there part in the sale, you are all great people.
thanks again Robin and Walter






Lin and Rose at DOB were very helpful with the contents sale of my parents’ home.  Lin was my initial contact, and she was very responsive (by e-mail and phone) to my many questions and concerns.  They took care of everything, from the pricing, to display of the items, to obtaining the permit, to payment and settling up.  They even researched some of the more unusual items to determine potential value. 

As far as marketing goes, I could never have cast as wide a net as they did; between their web site and mailing list, as well as advertising, their efforts were exhaustive. 

They were also very careful with the personal items that (inevitably) popped up during their preparation.  I would strongly recommend DOB for a similar sale.  … Doug




I am finally sitting down to write this letter of appreciation for the job Dusty Old Bags did for our family.  We were faced with a huge task of disposing of my mother’s lifetime collection of “stuff” with absolutely no idea of what it would take.  I stopped by some garage sales prior to meeting Rose and Lin and knew right then and there that I needed help.  There were a lot of emotions tied up in these possessions and the ladies did an excellent job of consulting with us to be realistic in our expectations.  “What was valuable to us did not necessarily have the same value to the shopping public.”
I was amazed at the organization, set up, and management of the sale.  They were exactly what I was looking for in getting this job accomplished in an efficient manner.  It was very impressive to watch the team go through the house making suggestions, setting up and coordinating displays of the items, and placing the final suggested price on each item.  I realized that some of the things I thought was junk could have been someone else’s treasure.
The day of the sale brought me much worry on how the sale would go.  I arrived at the site at 7 AM to see people lining up in the driveway anticipating a purchase of an item they saw on the web site.  This totally floored me.  The people who came knew exactly what they were looking for and went after it (my father’s fire hydrant).  The ladies bargained with the customers when appropriate to gain the most value for our treasures.  I was truly grateful to see large items go out the door and amazed that some things sold when others sat there.  At the end of the sale, I was very pleased at the results and thoroughly convinced that we could have not achieved the results that Rose and Lin accomplished.
I have already recommended Dusty Old Bags to people in my town who are facing the same situation we were in.  Everyone seems to have the same feeling that they are looking for someone to manage the sale for them that will not be emotionally tied to each piece.  I salute Dusty old Bags for the job they did, the results they achieved, and the professionalism they brought to this daunting task of an Estate Sale.
Stanley, Sara & Diane

Whippany, New Jersey
Sale Dates August 5 & 6 2011






Dear Rose & Lin,
  I cannot thank you enough for the great house sale you held for me in Bridgewater, NJ.  As ours was not the usual full clean out sale, I appreciate your taking it on.  I was thrilled with the results.  You and your staff made it easy for me and my husband to downsize and move on from our family home of 22 years. We also appreciate that you arranged for the final clean out which left our home in move in condition for the new owners.  Rose, you were a pleasure to work with. Thanks again.




Dear Rose & Lin,
Now that the dust has settled (kind of), I wanted to thank you for all your help with the sale. It was a pleasure working with you and Victor. Your expertise and easy manner really got us through a hectic time. Having your clean out crew clear out whatever was left after the sale really took a load off our shoulders. The closing went well, although is was a bit emotional leaving Nutley after so many years.

We are settling in and doing lots of unpacking. Lou is in the "throwing out mode"--no longer wants to save ANYTHING!!

I saw your video today for a sale in South Plainfield. Lots of albums and Elvis stuff. Wow!

If you are in the Point Pleasant area, please stop by or get in touch with us.

Lou & Denise

Take care and continued success.





Dear Rose & Lin,
Thank you very much for your sensitivity and professionalism during the estate sale for my dear friend Doris.
Lin, you and your team did an outstanding job during the sale.  Your expertise in dealing with the public was evident and you did not lose sight of what needed to be accomplished. Thank you again.
There is nothing dusty and old about you two.  You need a lot of energy and stamina to do what you do, and you surely have that!
I have already referred your services to others.  



Dear Rose and Lin,
We just wanted to thank you for all your hard work.  You definately exceeded our expectaions. 
We would suggest Dusty Old Bags to anyone wanting decent, honest, experienced,and hard working for any of their sales. 
Thank You!!! 
Chris & Joanne
Dover NJ



Recently my family found themselves in the difficult situation of having to decide what to do with the contents of our late parents home.  The time had come to make a decision of how to handle this overwhelming and saddening task with as little stress as we were all able to handle.  The expression is true that every dark cloud has a silver lining and ours came in the form of The Dusty Old Bags.  There truly are no words that could ever express our gratitude of how professional and compassionate they were in helping us achieve our objective of dissolving this large estate.
Rose and Lin were more than we could have hoped for and definitely saved us from making many costly mistakes.  Their years of experience and up to the minute knowledge of how to price items at their true value made it a very profitable sale.  The many decades of hard work that our parents spent buying the things that they and we loved did not end up being sold at a garage sale for mere pennies.
Our highest praise and admiration for the opportunity of meeting and working with Lin and Rose of The Dusty Old Bags will not be forgotten.  Although it is heartbreaking to see precious items leave your family home, please know that you will never find two people as honest, caring and understanding as Rose and Lin.
On behalf of our entire family we are sincerely grateful.  Happy Holidays to you and yours!
The O'Dell & Boyle Families

Dear Lin, Rose and partners,
Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you..to our new best friends!   We can't thank-you enough for helping with the sale at my in-laws house.  You turned our "nightmare" into a pleasant and profitable experience.  
Your advice, professionalism, knowledge counsel, spirit, and hard work, made the sale days fun and stress free.      
We will highly recommend you to friends and family but will strongly encourage everyone to stop collecting and cleaning their houses now!  
It's amazing how much "stuff" we manage to accumulate over the years!    You're a winning team, and we're glad to have found you.  We'll be looking out for you future sales so we can stop by and say hi!
JoAnn and Ray
PS...Great web site !


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