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Dear Rose and Lin,
Mother and I wish to send you all, (husbands Victor and Bill) too, our appreciation for commanding our Estate Sale.  It was a big success because of your outstanding professionalism, knowledge and hard work.  Please accept our gratitude also for your personal concern for our treasured memories which can be so hard to part with.
Maria and Mary

New Providence NJ
Mary And Maria


Dear Rose & Lin,
You and your team exceeded our expectations.  We were quite nervous
about the sale, but you made us feel at ease with your professionalism
and organization.  We were delighted that most of our furnishing, etc. sold
and your movers were most efficient which was another concern.  You
have great people working with you.
We are singing you praise and highly recommend you without any hesitation.
Our best wishes,
Nat & Bea

Princeton NJ


Lin and Rose were fantastic!  Dusty Old Bags is the next best thing to a turnkey solution for the always difficult job of estate sales.  Once they got to work, they hummed like a well-oiled machine, needing no attention or oversight.  Items were priced appropriately and EVERYTHING had a price tag.  They were pleasant, efficient, ON TIME and delivered what they promised.  I highly recommend them.

Shoshi and Craig, Wayne NJ

Wayne NJ
Shoshi and Craig


Lin and Rose of Dusty Old Bags made a very difficult situation much easier. As an only child, dealing with my parent's house was an overwhelming task after my mother's death. Dusty Old Bags came in and lovingly displayed items that my father could not take to his new home. My mother, who never could pass up a good sale, would have enjoyed it if she had been able to attend. It was her kind of thing--always looking for that special item at a garage sale or flea market-- and Lin, Rose and their husbands.. bill and victor,  made sure some of her special items made their way to other loving homes. They were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend their service to others.  thank you again Janice East Brunswick NJ

East Brunswick NJ
Star in the spotlight


Dear Dusty Lin and Dusty Rose

We want to acknowledge what a successful sale you conducted for us in East Brunswick.  There was no way we could have set up and priced everything the way you and your team did.  We knew it would be a hard task to perform, especially when you decided there were enough items to advertise for a 3 day sale.         

The sale went without a hitch and was run in an extremely professional and controlled manner. It was everything you promised. Many of the people who showed up were amazed at the amount of items for sale and how well they were displayed. Once the sale began your loyal following left us little down time. Your team did a splendid job for us and it is very much appreciated.

We already have and will continue to spread the word of how well our sale went because of the wonderful job that you did. You made it easy for us and we  enjoyed the time spent with Dusty Lin , Dusty Rose, Bill, and Victor.  
Bob and Karen

We also enjoyed the tuna fish salad Dusty Lin brought.           

Bob and Karen


Dear Rose and Lin,
We can’t thank you and your husbands enough for the wonderful job you did with my mother’s house.  It was hard for me to sell my mom’s things and you were very sensitive to my feelings.
Your hard work and efficient organization was amazing.  The house looked great after you set it up.  You made the whole process easy and working with you has been such a pleasure.  My husband, daughter, son and I appreciate everything you did.
One thing I learned was that if we ever need anything, I would check with you to keep on the lookout for it.  Some of the older furniture is made so much better than the new.           
We all feel that we have made good friends and we would recommend you very highly.
Thanks again,
Sondra & Jerry

Sondra and Jerry


Dear Rose and Lin,
Many, many thanks for the superb job you did selling the contents of my mother-in-law's home.
I spoke with about six or seven companies before deciding on you. The clincher was a recommendation
by one of your competitors! After I met you and read pages and pages of glowing testimonials, there was no doubt. I'm just grateful you decided to take the job!
The house was packed full. We had started the process ofsorting and discarding and the place looked like a disaster
area when you arrived. I am amazed at how both of you and your wonderful husbands put the place in order and had everything
displayed, arranged and tagged in what, to me, seemed like record time. You are clearly pros, but still so down-to-earth, kind
and considerate.  As someone very dear to me would say, "them's good people."
Another thing, I so appreciate your continued communication even after the sale --- e-mailing me copies of photos I requested and putting me in
touch with potential buyers who contacted you after the sale.  And I really do mean this: you were sent from above
Hugs, Maeve

Ewing NJ


Dear Lin & Rose

If I can do something on my own I will.  I am self sufficient and reluctant to hire someone else for a job. But when it came to liquidating my in law's estate, I weighed the advantages and disadvantages of tackling this on my own and realized I would need some expertise greater than my own. 
I researched antique dealers, auctioneers, ebay sellers, and other estate sale people that had been personally recommended to me - as well as services I found on-line.  I don't like to make mistakes so, I ended up interviewing (in my home) the Dusty Old Bags and two other services. Although I did liked one other service, I have NO DOUBT that I made the right decision for me.

Belleville NJ
Star in the spotlight
Joan & John


Hi Lin and Rose,
It has been a pleasure getting to know you both with your respective husbands this past weekend.
The "Estate Sale" on my house of 29 years has turned out to be a positive experience with  a success output.
I'm glad that I made the decision to hire your service " Dusty Old Bags" to guide me through with this new and first experience with the selling of all my precious furniture and personal items accumulated during the years.
Because of the such positive experience I'll  be sure to recommend your services to my family and friends when needed.
Thank you again for your professional business experience and I hope we'll have a chance to see each other in pleasure circumstances possible in the near future.
You are welcome to visit me at my new residence therefore feel free to contact me.

Fairfield NJ
Vinnie & Rosilie


Dear Rose and Lin,
Wow! I know why you’re dusty.  It's from the dust cloud left by your collective whirlwind!
My father’s house required SUPER HUMAN organization, set up, pricing, polishing. I am sure that it will stand out as one of your most insanely challenging jobs —
and you rocked it!
I thank you not only for the outrageous amount of work you did to ready in the house and run the sale. Also I thank you for your patience and decorum during this emotional process.
Saying goodbye to over 40 years of memories is a grueling process.
You didn’t just take care of the house, you took care of me, too.
Neither being an easy task!
Bless you both for your professionalism, your understanding and your Herculean work!!
Most Sincerely,
P.S. Go ahead and quote me!

Westfield NJ


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